This webpage provides an overview of the main phytoplankton cells detected in Narragansett Bay by the Imaging FlowCytobot and identified through a machine learning routine developed by the Sosik lab.

The IFCB is deployed at the pier of the Graduate School of Oceanography of the University of Rhode Island and operated by the Mouw Lab.

This phytoplankton wiki has been mostly developed by Jessica Carney ([email protected]) during her Master degree at URI. She took the microscopic pictures during her weekly phytoplankton identification for the Narragansett Bay Long Term Survey (NBLTS) and saved IFCB pictures as she classified them into taxonomic groups as part of her Master thesis. Trained as a taxonomist, she also included morphological descriptions for the NBLTS species.

The extra functional characteristics and newest images come from data collection as part of Virginie Sonnet's Ph.D ([email protected]).


Below, you will find gallery views of the phytoplankton species present in Narragansett Bay. When available, both the microscopic and the IFCB image, a drawing, as well as a description of the species are included in the card. You can sort the galleries either by IFCB or microscopic images.

Precisions on descriptions come from Jess's work, Tomas's book and the Phytoplankton Encyclopaedia Project (University of British Columbia). Additional references are indicated within the species cards.

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This webpage was created by Virginie Sonnet ([email protected]) via Notion. Virginie Sonnet was supported by a NASA FINESST grant (80NSSC20K1638).